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UX Challenge
Getting Real Estate┬áBrokers to do ­čĄľ automated marketing.┬á

Harma ( now Equity Union ) The fastest growing real estate firm in Southern California with over 500 licensed agents and brokers, had the goal to empower 50,000 US brokers and brokerages with automating their farming outreach campaigns (a manually tedious task not even well paid children would want to do ).

Prior to our work, the client had launched an MVP that proved to be overly complex and confusing for most users, rendering it useful only to the sales onboarding team. The real estate farming process was nuanced, complex at times, and required many user-inputs for personalized automation. To make it even harder, Artur was tasked to design a smooth self-serving UX that could be easily adopted by an older cohort of +40 year old agents used to only sending emails/texts.

Clarity & Simplified UX

Our objective was to simplify the onboarding process, streamline the information architecture, and remove any unnecessary obstacles for brokers to be able to self-order campaigns, add the required configurations, content, and audio. Furthermore, we aimed to provide users with a top-level dashboard to track their progress seamlessly.

UX Challenge
: Choosing a farming area. The initial MVP version had the user requirement to DRAW a polygon area for their area needs, which was very cumbersome, inaccurate, and inefficient. This lead to a deeply frustrated user abandoning the process.

Our solution was more elegant and based on zip-codes with the option to add custom areas if needed.

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